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A Camp for the Nations

Hosting campers who represent over 50 tribal Nations from across North America and over 250 churches each year, Indian Falls Creek is a time of encouragement and training.

Beginning in 1947 with an attendance of 333, the camp’s average registration is now over 3,000. Thirty years prior to the establishment of the camp, J. B. Rounds and W. D. Moorer founded the Falls Creek Assembly itself. It was the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention that led the work to begin Indian Falls Creek. Organizing the first year’s program were Mrs. John Davis, Mrs. T. W. Stevens, Mrs. Bertha K. Spooner, Mrs. Homer Grimmett, and Aaron Hancock.

The constitution for Indian Falls Creek was drafted by Victor Kaneubbe, Lewis Hancock, and Louise Hendricks. Article II states: 

"The objective of this assembly in its annual meeting shall be to foster and promote Christian training, inspiration, fellowship, evangelism, and missionary zeal among the Indians in their Baptist church life."

A Camp for the Entire Family

Indian Falls Creek Baptist Assembly is widely anticipated each year and has become a tradition for many churches and families. Worship services, classes, and activities are designed to engage people of all ages – preschool to adult. A Health Fair and other ministry organizations also offer opportunities for individuals and churches to build up and expand their learning and ministry.


Generations of families attend IFC together each summer. It is a time to build up your family’s faith as well as gain spiritual grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters.


Morning classes provide Bible study and discipleship training. Afternoon activities are designed to encourage fellowship and family fun. Gather with everyone for daily morning and evening worship services.



A Camp for Encouraging Faith

For generations, IFC has been a place where people have come to believe in Jesus Christ. Many campers

also receive a calling to reach out and serve in their home communities or into special ministry.


Classes and training times help campers better understand Christ’s work in their lives as well as address the needs and concerns they find around them at home.


Worship, Faith Building, and Fellowship

Come and join us at Indian Falls Creek, a camp for the Nations.


Board of directors

Executive Director - Victor Cope
Assistant Executive Director - Ron Neal
Admin. Assistant to Executive Director I - Sue Fish
Admin. Assistant to Executive Director II - Trenton Cope
Executive Board Chairperson - Dr. Jennifer Barnett
Assistant Board Chairperson - Jordan Paranacher
Administrative Assistant I - Tammy Jones Wood
Administrative Assistant II - Andres Valdez
Business Manager/Treasurer - Kaleb Gordon
Assistant Business Manager/Treasurer - Pat Petsemoie
Director of Development - Dr. Emerson Falls
Financial Assistant for Development - Kolby Lofton
Parliamentarian - Dr. Paul Maxey
Historian - Priscilla Arnecheer
Chair of Nominations Committee - Dr. Paul Maxey
Assistant Chair of Nominations Committee - Martha Johnson
Editor of "Splashes" - Dr. Jennifer Barnett
Assistant Editor of "Splashes" - Jamie Gipp

Director of Worship - Dylan Mateo
Assistant Director of Worship - Maci Parnacher
Director of Digital Media Activities - Kaleb Gordon
Assistant Director of Digital Media Activities - Vacant
Director of Adult Bible Conference - Randy Colbert
Assistant Director of Adult Bible Conference - Dr. Vern Charette
Director of Adult Skills Conference - Amon LeRoy
Assistant Director of Adult Skills Conference - Willie Fish
Director of Young Adult Education - Alan Washington
Assistant Director of Young Adult Education - Jordan Parnacher
Director of Youth Education - Jeremiah Garcia
Assistant Director of Youth Education - Vacant
Director of Children's Education - Pat Petsemoie
Assistant Director of Children's Education - Cherie Tapahonso
Director of Pre-School Education - Debra Maldenado
Assistant Director of Pre-School Education - Edie Maldenado
Director of Nursery - Jaylan Gibson
Assistant Director of Nursery - Candace Leach
Director of Counseling - Curtis Shores
Assistant Director of Counseling - Jerry Parnacher
Director of Health - Jade Hansen
Assistant Director of Health - Joyce Hansen
Director of Housing - Frank Dillion
Director of Promotion/Publicity - Vacant
Assistant Director of Promotion/Publicity - Trenton Cope
Assistant Director of Promotion/Publicity - Stuart Celestine
Assistant Director of Promotion/Publicity - Kelli Webster
Director of Recreation - Anthony Ramirez
Assistant Director of Recreation - Kyle Berryhill
Director of Security - Marvin Delaware
Assistant Director of Security - Henry Whitestar
Assistant Director of Security - David Littlewind
Director of Special Activities - Vacant
Assistant Director of Special Activities - Anoli Scott
Director of Transportation - Christine Fleming
Assistant Director of Transportation - Alvin Mouse
Director of Volunteers - Iris Gee
Director of National Prayer Network - Don Acker
Director of Ushers - Don Acker

Native American L.I.N.K. - Augusta Smith
Young Adult Representative - Eric Fish
Young Adult Representative - Dylan Mateo
Youth Representative - Trenton Cope
Youth Representative - Mia Gipp
Youth Representative - Kennedy Neal
Youth Representative - CJ Stone-Moore
MSW Association Representative - Dr. Paul Maxey
MSW Association Representative - Martha Johnson
Cherokee Association Representative - Stanley Grass
Cherokee Association Representative - Jason Gann
Choctaw/Chickasaw Association Representative - Ron Flemming
Choctaw/Chickasaw Association Representative - Wayne Bailey
Chikasha Association Representative - Leah Patterson
Chikasha Association Representative - Steve Wall
Cheyenne-Arapaho Representative - Jay Mule
Oklahoma Baptists Representative - Andy Harrison
Alaska Baptists Representative - Frank Hopkins
Alabama Representative - Charles and Jean Spence
California Representative - David and Terri Saunooke
Florida Representative - Salaw Hummingbird
Florida Representative - Timothy Walters
Louisiana Representative - Dr. Chris Holloway
Mississippi Representative - Elijah Ben
Nebraska Representative - Alpha Goombi
North Carolina Representative - Charles Locklear
South Dakota Representative - Charles Little
Texas Representative - Laura Thompson