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4th annual indian falls creek golf tournament

The Indian Falls Creek Board of Directors wants to thank all the golfers that signed up this year, the hole sponsors, and all those that gave raffle items. We had forty one teams before the early rain came. The tournament raised $12,000+ for camp this summer. We are making preparations for the 2023 Indian Falls Creek 5th Annual Golf Tournament.

Raffle and Other Assistance:

Native American LINK INC Volunteer Team, Shawnee Events, Debra & Edie, Native American LINK, INC., Priscilla Arneecher, Pat Petsemoie, Tiger Art (Tony Tiger), Gary Montogomery Art, Jennifer & Angela Barnett, Absentee Shawnee Gift Shop, Darrin Skaggs, First American Museum (Sue Fish), Victor Cope, John Morris, Kyle Berryhill, Ramirez Family, Sheldon Bond, Leah Patterson, Billy Family, Scott Family, Sarah Lawrence, Ron & Jaden, and Lisa Johnson Billy.


Kaleb Gordon, Anthony & Amanda Ramirez, Willie & Sue Fish, Lisa & Phillip Billy, Sheldon Bond & Leah Patterson, Ron & Jaden Neal, Anoli & Caleb Scott, John Morris, Kyle Berryhill, Mia Gipp, Ruth Walker, Amon LeRoy, Native American LINK, INC., Jennifer & Angela Barnett, and Trenton & Victor Cope.

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!

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