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Dress Code

Churches participating in Falls Creek should fully communicate the dress code to students BEFORE they pack and arrive for camp. While we understand the desire for fashionable attire, we require you to wear modest clothing. Modesty is a biblical principle and helps keep people focused on the important things at camp. (1 Timothy 2:9-10; 4:12) 

All apparel judgments will be left to the discretion of the Falls Creek Staff (FCS). If FCS determines a camper or campers should change their clothing to fall in line with camp requirements, then said camper or campers are required to do so. 

General Guidelines: 

  • Shoes must be worn at all times outside of your cabin. 

  • Apparel may not display or promote tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances, or inappropriate language or pictures. 

  • Undergarments must always be covered by outer garments (i.e., No boxer shorts hanging out or bra straps showing). 

  • Midriffs should always be covered. 

  • No spaghetti strap shirts or dresses. 

  • No tank tops. 

  • No short shorts. Shorts are to be of modest length. (Modest length can be generally defined as extending to just beyond the fingertips, which is generally no shorter than a 5” to 7” inseam.) 

  • No tight-fitting and revealing clothing. This includes leggings or similar attire, which cannot be worn as pants. 

  • Girls may wear dresses/skirts, but they must reach the top of the knee. 


  • Females should wear modest one-piece swimsuits. Males should not wear tight-fitting swimming suits. 

  • While going to and from the swimming areas, all campers must wear shoes; males must wear a t-shirt, and females must wear a long covering over their swimming suits. 

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