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Registration Fee

$55.00 -  7 years and older

$15.00 -  Birth to 6 years

DAILY RATE - $11.00 IF Attending all day

Evening service only - $3.00

Falls Creek Housing Rental Information

Cabins are managed by independent churches or associations and provide Falls Creek their updated cabin information and the availability of their cabins for rent. Churches who would like to share cabin rental cost with another church and need assistance in connecting with other churches, may contact the IFC Housing Director, Frank Dillon, who will share this information via email as often as possible prior to camp. His contact information is (334) 312-6181 or 

Lodges are also available for rent some equipped with small kitchens. To reserve a room in the Thompson Lodge newest hotel adjacent to the Jordan Welcome Center (#6 on Falls Creek Campus Map), the Kannady Family Lodge (#7 map), Adam Lodge (#9 map) or Moorer Lodge (#10 map) contact the Falls Creek office directly in Davis, OK at (580) 369-2101.


Please note that the Thompson Family Lodge is reserved first for IFC program personnel and its staff before it is available to the public. Remember that the mandatory background checks are also required to stay in all these lodges mentioned.


To research cabins and what may fit your needs, please visit the cabin information database.


General Falls Creek Lodging Info

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